Tennessee Code Annotated

01-03-0101: Repeals not retroactive.
01-03-0102: Computation of time.
01-03-0103: Conflicts within code.
01-03-0104: Tense -- Gender -- Number of words.
01-03-0105: Definition of terms used in code.
01-03-0106: Words of joint authority.
01-03-0107: Use of numerals.
01-03-0108: Code as continuation of existing law.
01-03-0109: Section headings and histories.
01-03-0110: Severability of code.
01-03-0111: Certified mail.
01-03-0112: "Legal blindness" and "total blindness" -- Definition.
01-03-0113: Eighteen-year-olds -- Legal responsibility -- Alcoholic beverage restrictions on persons under twenty-one (21) years of age.
01-03-0114: Eighteen-year-olds -- Professional responsibility.
01-03-0115: Effect of law reducing age limit.
01-03-0116: Population figures.
01-03-0117: Korean War.
01-03-0118: Recognition of high school diplomas from church-related schools and home schools.
01-03-0119: Express language required to create or confer a private right of action.
01-03-0120: Newspapers of general circulation that publish public notices required to post notice in its entirety on web site for same price.