Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 2: Elections

Chapter 10: Campaign Finances

Part 1: Financial Disclosure

02-10-0101: Short title -- Application -- Administration -- Adoption of more stringent requirements.
02-10-0102: Chapter definitions.
02-10-0103: Duties of county election commissions.
02-10-0104: Affirmation of statements before witness.
02-10-0105: Filing of contribution, loan and expenditure statements -- Deadlines -- Certification of treasurers and other officers -- Retention of records -- Additional reporting requirements.
02-10-0106: Supplemental semiannual statements of contributions and expenditures -- Funds maintained in segregated campaign accounts.
02-10-0107: Content of statements -- Closing out accounts -- Reporting of in-kind contributions.
02-10-0108: Sworn complaint on statements of candidates -- Penalty for false complaint.
02-10-0109: Duties of attorney general and reporter.
02-10-0110: Penalties.
02-10-0111: Notification of local election by county election commission -- Report of compliance with statement filings -- Reporting of late filings.
02-10-0112: Application of outstanding balance of campaign account cannot exceed campaign contribution limits.
02-10-0113: Digital currency as campaign contribution.
02-10-0114: Campaign funds -- Allocation of unexpended contributions -- Use of funds -- Specifically prohibited uses of funds -- Allocation of funds on death of incumbent or candidate.
02-10-0115: Disclosure of income, positions and trusts by the governor, secretary of state, comptroller of the treasury, treasurer, governor's cabinet, cabinet level staff, or their spouses -- Posting of information -- Form.
02-10-0116: Honorarium defined -- Acceptance of honorarium by public official.
02-10-0117: Contributions from political action committees within ten days of election.
02-10-0118: Filing by responsible party with prior assessment record.
02-10-0119: Transfer of funds or assets from federal to state election campaign committee prohibited.
02-10-0120: Authority of county election commission.
02-10-0121: Registration fee for political campaign committees.
02-10-0122: Definitions.
02-10-0123: Violations at state level -- Penalties.
02-10-0124: Violations at local level -- Penalties.
02-10-0125: Disclosure of contract for consulting services to the Tennessee ethics commission.
02-10-0126: Disclosure of fees, commissions or any other form of compensation for consulting services to the Tennessee ethics commission.
02-10-0127: Reports by members of the general assembly, members-elect of the general assembly, governor, members of the governor's staff, secretary of state, treasurer, or comptroller of the treasury regarding siblings, spouses or children who are lobbyists.
02-10-0128: Disclosures required of members of the general assembly.
02-10-0129: Disclosure of fees paid to a member of the general assembly or the member's spouse for services performed outside of the state.
02-10-0130: Disclosure of fees, commissions or other compensation for consulting services paid to the governor, secretary of state, comptroller of the treasury, treasurer, governor's cabinet, cabinet level staff, or their spouses.
02-10-0131: [Repealed.]
02-10-0132: Designation as a political campaign committee for reporting purposes.