Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 2: Elections

Chapter 10: Campaign Finances

Part 2: Registry of Election Finance

TCA 2-10-206: Registry of election finance -- Duties.

(a)  The duties of the registry include the following:

     (1)  Develop prescribed forms for statements that are required to be filed under the laws pursuant to § 2-10-205, with the objective of making the disclosure statements as simple and understandable as possible for both the person filing the disclosure statement and the average citizen of the state of Tennessee;

     (2)  Develop a filing, coding and cross-indexing system;

     (3)  Make each report filed available for public inspection and copying during regular office hours at the expense of any person requesting copies of the same;

     (4)  Review all filed statements to ensure compliance with the respective disclosure laws. Statements filed with the registry for more than two (2) years shall be deemed to be sufficient, absent a showing of fraud or the existence of an ongoing investigation related to the statement;

     (5)  Prepare and publish a manual for all candidates and committees, describing the requirements of the law, including uniform methods of bookkeeping and reporting and requirements as to reporting dates and the length of time that candidates and committees are required to keep any records pursuant to the provisions of this part;

     (6)  Provide an annual report to the governor and the general assembly concerning the administration and enforcement of the disclosure law by January 15 of each year that includes recommendations by the registry or a statement that the registry makes no recommendations;

     (7)  Investigate any alleged violation upon sworn complaint or upon its own motion. If the registry investigates the records of any selected candidate, it may also investigate the records of all other candidates running for the same office in the same district or other appropriate geographic area;

     (8)  Preserve all reports or statements for five (5) years from the date of filing, absent any pending investigation by the registry of election finance or any other law enforcement agency, or absent any administrative or court proceeding;

     (9)  Notify all candidates for state public office in a state election of the requirements for filing any required disclosure statement fourteen (14) days before any fixed deadline provided for such filing; and

     (10)  Conduct audits.

(b)  The registry shall notify each member of the general assembly by sending notice to the member's home address and the member's legislative office address in Nashville.

History: [Acts 1989, ch. 585, § 6; 1991, ch. 519, § 15; 2006 (1st Ex. Sess.), ch. 1, § 11.]