Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 3: Legislature

Chapter 1: General Assembly

Part 1: General Provisions

03-01-0101: Composition.
03-01-0102: Composition of state senatorial districts.
03-01-0103: Composition of state house of representative districts.
03-01-0104: Residence requirements -- Counties electing two or more direct representatives.
03-01-0105: Oaths of office.
03-01-0106: Expenses -- Mileage allowances. [Effective until November 4, 2014. See the version effective on November 4, 2014.]
03-01-0107: Salaries.
03-01-0108: Joint convention for state-of-the-state address.
03-01-0109: Office space, equipment, and supplies.
03-01-0110: Business or occupation participation not part-time or temporary.
03-01-0111: Official flag of the general assembly.
03-01-0112: Toll-free telephone service to the general assembly -- Access for the deaf.
03-01-0113: Purchases of computer equipment by members.
03-01-0114: Reporting requirement satisfied by notice to legislators of publication of report.
03-01-0115: Orientation on ethics laws and rules for general assembly members.
03-01-0116: Group health insurance not applicable to certain members of general assembly -- Exceptions.
03-01-0117: [Obsolete.]
03-01-0118: Open meetings -- Exceptions -- Enforcement.
03-01-0119: Statement disclosing contributions and expenditures for each caucus of the general assembly -- Maintenance of caucus records and accounts.
03-01-0120: Mass mailings sent within thirty days of an election.
03-01-0121: Tennessee Legislative Record.
03-01-0122: Forwarding of former general assembly member's e-mail.
03-01-0123: Reporting to the general assembly -- Copy of report for legislative reference and law library.