Tennessee Code Annotated

03-02-0101: Engrossment and enrollment.
03-02-0102: Presentation to governor.
03-02-0103: Approval of governor.
03-02-0104: Failure of governor to return.
03-02-0105: Filing with secretary of state.
03-02-0106: Preservation of original acts.
03-02-0107: Fiscal notes for revenue bills -- Cumulative fiscal notes during session -- Comparison of actual fiscal impact -- Written summary.
03-02-0108: Prefiling bills or resolutions -- Time -- Manner.
03-02-0109: Placing prefiled bill or resolution on calendar -- Effect of procedural defects.
03-02-0110: [Repealed.]
03-02-0111: Bills concerning health coverage -- Impact notes and statements.
03-02-0112: Denomination of highways and public structures, facilities or property -- Legislative action.