Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 3: Legislature

Chapter 6: Ethics and Lobbying

Part 1: Tennessee Ethics Commission Act of 2006 Ethics Commission

03-06-0101: Short title.
03-06-0102: Legislative intent.
03-06-0103: Creation -- Composition -- Staff -- Selection of members -- Terms -- Meetings.
03-06-0104: [Repealed.]
03-06-0105: Jurisdiction of commission -- Referral of complaints.
03-06-0106: Duties of the commission and the attorney general and reporter.
03-06-0107: Powers of the commission.
03-06-0108: Prospective application of chapter.
03-06-0109: Referral of criminal violations to law enforcement.
03-06-0110: Authority to petition for an order of enforcement.
03-06-0111: [Repealed.]
03-06-0112: Annual ethics course for supervisory personnel in the executive branch -- Manuals and guides.
03-06-0113: Annual orientation ethics course and current issues course for members of the general assembly -- Manuals and guides.
03-06-0114: Annual ethics course for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists -- Manuals and guides.
03-06-0115: Electronic filing and registration system.
03-06-0116: Training program for members of the commission.
03-06-0117: Exclusive authority to issue formal advisory opinions.