Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 4: State Government

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: Boundaries
Chapter 3: Creation, Organization and Powers of Administrative Departments and Divisions
Chapter 4: Administration of State Departments
Chapter 5: Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
Chapter 6: Department of Correction Administration of Institutions
Chapter 7: Highway Patrol
Chapter 8: State Capitol and Annexes
Chapter 9: Commission for Uniform Legislation
Chapter 10: Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 11: Historian and Historical Commission
Chapter 12: State Museum
Chapter 13: Historic Properties
Chapter 14: Industrial Development
Chapter 15: State Building Commission
Chapter 16: Office of Local Government
Chapter 17: Economic Development and Growth
Chapter 18: False Claims
Chapter 19: State Examining Boards General Provisions
Chapter 20: Art
Chapter 21: Human Rights
Chapter 22: State Owned Motor Vehicle Fleets
Chapter 23: Executive Residence Preservation
Chapter 24: Firefighting Training and Standards
Chapter 25: Paperwork Reduction and Simplification Act of 1976
Chapter 26: Business Enterprise Office
Chapter 27: Employee Suggestion Award and Incentive Plans
Chapter 28: Tennessee Small Business Investment Company Credit Act
Chapter 29: Tennessee Governmental Entity Review Law
Chapter 30: Local Government Electronic Technology Act of 2009
Chapter 31: Local Development Authority
Chapter 32: Institute for Labor-Management Studies
Chapter 33: Economic Impact Disclosure
Chapter 34: Commission of Indian Affairs
Chapter 35: State of Tennessee Audit Committee Act of 2005
Chapter 36: Racing Control Act of 1987
Chapter 37: Child Care Facilities Loan Guarantee Program
Chapter 38: Institute for African and Caribbean Affairs [Obsolete]
Chapter 39: Peace Officers Hall of Fame Board [Repealed]
Chapter 40: Physical Fitness and Health
Chapter 41: Victims Coalition [Repealed]
Chapter 42: Interstate Rail Passenger Network Compact [Repealed]
Chapter 43: Office of State Geographer
Chapter 44: Tennessee Bicentennial [Obsolete]
Chapter 45: Tennessee Military Affairs Commission [Obsolete]
Chapter 46: Tennessee Commemorative Womans Suffrage Commission [Repealed]
Chapter 47: Passenger Railroad Commission
Chapter 48: Tennessee Commission on Holocaust Education
Chapter 49: Military Affairs Commission [Repealed]
Chapter 50: Economic Council on Women
Chapter 51: Tennessee Education Lottery Implementation Law
Chapter 52: Governors Books from Birth Fund
Chapter 53: Tennessee Tomorrow, Inc. [Repealed]
Chapter 54: Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act
Chapter 55: Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance
Chapter 56: Procurement