Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 4: State Government

Chapter 3: Creation, Organization and Powers of Administrative Departments and Divisions

Part 10: Department of Finance and Administration

04-03-1001: Creation.
04-03-1002: Commissioner.
04-03-1003: Establishment and transfer of sections.
04-03-1004: Data processing section.
04-03-1005: State building commission personnel.
04-03-1006: Budget powers.
04-03-1007: Accounting powers.
04-03-1008: Centralized services.
04-03-1009: Powers relating to public buildings and property.
04-03-1010: Posting of report of travel and expense reimbursements on state web site.
04-03-1011: [Transferred.]
04-03-1012: Transfer of office of energy management functions relating to state buildings and state-owned facilities.
04-03-1013: Authority to develop prescription drug programs and to contract with pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs).
04-03-1014: Authority to create prescription drug purchase program.
04-03-1015: EFFECTS position in state government to establish accountability process.
04-03-1016: Restrictions on carry forwards and transfers of funds to the state general fund.
04-03-1017: Energy management program -- Development and implementation through the state building energy management program.
04-03-1018: Energy management program -- Liaisons -- Action -- Reevaluation.
04-03-1019: Energy management program -- Interagency cooperation.
04-03-1020: Energy management program -- Expenditure of federal funds.
04-03-1021: Monitoring and auditing of pharmacy benefits manager's compliance with state pharmacy benefits management contract.
04-03-1022: Control of state portal -- E-commerce payment activity assessment -- Annual report -- Liability for underlying obligation.