Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 4: State Government

Chapter 20: Art

Part 1: Arts Commission

TCA 4-20-103: Executive director -- Staff -- Advisory panels.

(a) The governor shall appoint an executive director for the Tennessee arts commission. The executive director shall have broad experience in art agency management. Prior to appointing the executive director, the governor shall request that the Tennessee arts commission conduct a search for qualified candidates. The commission shall submit to the governor at least three (3) interested and qualified candidates. The commission shall submit additional candidates at the governor's request. The governor shall appoint the executive director from among the recommendations submitted by the commission. In the event of a vacancy, the governor shall appoint a new executive director. The governor or the commission shall remove the executive director for neglect of duty or other just cause.

(b) The executive director shall employ other officers, experts and employees as may be needed and shall fix their compensation within the amounts made available for such purposes. Employment of staff members is subject to the approval of the commissioner of human resources.

(c) The commission may also, at its discretion, form advisory panels from qualified persons within the state to obtain their advice and counsel on matters pertaining to the arts. Members of these panels shall serve at the will and pleasure of the commission and will receive no compensation.

History: Acts 1967, ch. 2, § 3; T.C.A., § 4-2003; Acts 2007, ch. 60, § 3; 2012, ch. 986, § 19.