Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 4: State Government

Chapter 24: Firefighting Training and Standards

Part 1: Commission on Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education

TCA 4-24-107: Powers.

The commission may:

(1) Meet at such times and places in the state as may be needed, upon call of the chair or upon the request of five (5) members;

(2) Contract with other agencies, public or private, or persons as it finds necessary for cooperation with city, county, state and federal agencies for training programs;

(3) Make reasonable rules and regulations for the implementation of objectives established in this part;

(4) Employ a director for the purpose of full implementation of this chapter;

(5) Prepare a standard examination to test the levels of training and education of applicants for certification and establish a passing grade therefor;

(6) Develop standards and programs for the administration and distribution of the educational incentive to eligible firefighters pursuant to part 2 of this chapter; and

(7) Certify individuals who are not currently firefighters but who complete a commission approved recruit training program.

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