Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 4: State Government

Chapter 36: Racing Control Act of 1987

Part 3: Race Meetings

TCA 4-36-309: Exclusion or ejection of persons.

(a)  The commission may, by rule and through the actions of its own security division, exclude or eject from the licensed premises any known bookmaker, tout, person who has been convicted in violation of any provision of this section or of any law prohibiting bookmaking or any other illegal act relating to the racing of horses, or any other person whose presence on the premises would, in the opinion of the duly authorized security division, not be conducive to the best interests of the public or the sport of racing. No such rule shall provide for the exclusion or ejection of a person on the grounds of race, color, creed, national origin or sex.

(b)  Any person who, pursuant to a rule of the commission, is excluded or ejected from any racetrack where racing is authorized and licensed in this state, may apply to the commission for a hearing on the question of whether the rule is applicable to such person.

(c)  Any person who is excluded or ejected from the premises of an association, pursuant to a rule or rules promulgated by the commission, commits a misdemeanor if such person thereafter enters the premises of any licensed track in this state without first having obtained a determination from the commission that the rule pursuant to which such person was excluded or ejected should not apply.

History: [Acts 1987, ch. 311, § 31.]