Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 7: Consolidated Governments and Local Governmental Functions and Entities

Chapter 1: Metropolitan Government General Provisions
Chapter 2: Metropolitan Government--Adoption and Provisions of Charter
Chapter 3: Metropolitan GovernmentOperation and Powers
Chapter 4: Metropolitan Government Tourist Accommodation Tax
Chapter 5: Metropolitan Government--Port Authority Act
Chapter 6: Metropolitan Government--Celebration Authority Act
Chapter 7: Metropolitan Government--Metropolitan Hearing Officer Act
Chapter 8: Metropolitan Government--Housing Trust Fund
Chapter 21: Charter Government Unification Act
Chapter 31: Streets and Other Public Improvements
Chapter 32: Improvements by Special Assessment
Chapter 33: Improvement Bonds
Chapter 34: Municipal Utilities
Chapter 35: Sewers and Waterworks
Chapter 36: Municipal Public Works Projects [Repealed]
Chapter 37: Industrial Building Revenue Bond Act
Chapter 38: Private Fire Companies
Chapter 39: Energy Acquisition Corporations
Chapter 40: Border Region Retail Tourism Development District Act
Chapter 51: Miscellaneous Governmental and Proprietary Functions
Chapter 52: Municipal Electric Plants
Chapter 53: Industrial Development Corporations
Chapter 54: Energy Production Facilities
Chapter 55: Industrial Building Bond Act of 1955
Chapter 56: Transportation Systems
Chapter 57: Metropolitan Hospital Authorities
Chapter 58: Resource Recovery and Solid Waste Disposal
Chapter 59: Cable Television
Chapter 60: Home Mortgages
Chapter 61: Ambulance Services
Chapter 62: Residential Building and Maintenance Contractors
Chapter 63: Actions in Lieu of Arrest
Chapter 64: Real Property Tax Deferral
Chapter 65: Parking Authorities
Chapter 66: Homestead Act
Chapter 67: Sports Authorities
Chapter 68: Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws
Chapter 69: Tourism Development Authority Act
Chapter 81: Sanitary Districts
Chapter 82: Utility Districts
Chapter 82: Utility District Law of 1937
Chapter 83: Power Districts
Chapter 84: Central Business Improvement Districts
Chapter 85: Foreign Trade Zones
Chapter 86: Emergency Communications
Chapter 87: Port Authorities
Chapter 88: Convention Center and Tourism Financing
Chapter 89: Convention Center Authorities Act of 2009
Chapter 90: Medical School Authorities Act of 2010