Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 7: Consolidated Governments and Local Governmental Functions and Entities

Chapter 51: Miscellaneous Governmental and Proprietary Functions

Part 1: Emergency Government Relocation
Part 2: Employee Compensation and Indemnification
Part 3: Minimum Compensation for Local Officials
Part 4: Utility Service Extension, Collection Agreements
Part 5: Appropriations to Safety Councils
Part 6: Destruction of Paid or Canceled Bonds [Repealed]
Part 6: Private Clubs
Part 7: Motor VehiclesJunkyards, Fees
Part 8: Ordinances Affecting Railroad Operations
Part 9: Contracts, Leases and Lease-Purchase Agreements
Part 10: Passenger Transportation Services
Part 11: Registration of Adult-Oriented Establishments
Part 12: Demolition of Historic Structures
Part 13: Civil Service Notice
Part 14: Adult-Oriented Establishments
Part 15: Employees' Political Freedoms
Part 16: Natural Disaster Relief
Part 17: Leave Policy for Arrested Employees
Part 18: Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act
Part 19: Grants for Development of Blighted Properties