Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 8: Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 22: Accounting for Fees

Part 1: General Provisions

08-22-0101: Clerks and county officers deprived of fees.
08-22-0102: Bond to pay over fees.
08-22-0103: Excess fees are property of county.
08-22-0104: Accounting for and payment of fees.
08-22-0105: Liability for failure to collect or account.
08-22-0106: False statements -- Felony.
08-22-0107: Items paid for by county -- Special provisions for certain counties.
08-22-0108: Payment of expenses out of fees -- Exceptions -- Settlement.
08-22-0109: Credit for expenses paid.
08-22-0110: Expenses for deputy sheriffs and jail.
08-22-0111: Appropriations for salaries of deputy sheriffs.
08-22-0112: Report of services performed by deputy sheriffs.
08-22-0113: Fees earned by deputy sheriffs.
08-22-0114: [Repealed.]
08-22-0115: Audit of books of officers.
08-22-0116: [Repealed.]
08-22-0117: Tax provisions unaffected.
08-22-0118: Fees of state offices accruing to state.
08-22-0119: Salary as full compensation -- Accounting for fees.
08-22-0120: Record of fees.
08-22-0121: Violations -- Class E felony.