Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 8: Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 30: State Service

Part 3: Civil Service Appointments and Tenure

TCA 8-30-333: Entry level civil engineer or professional information system management positions.

(a)  For filling entry level civil engineer or entry level professional information system management positions, the commissioner may authorize the use of such other procedures as the commissioner determines to be appropriate in order to meet the needs of the service when the area is deemed to be a critical area of need. Current state employee applicants who meet the position qualifications and when all relevant qualifications are equal shall be given priority hiring consideration. All qualified applicants shall be included on the register.

(b)  No such procedures shall discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin or political preference.

History: [Acts 1987, ch. 359, § 1; 2001, ch. 159, § 1.]