Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 9: Public Finances

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: Accounting for Revenues
Chapter 3: Local Governments
Chapter 4: State Funds, State Budget and Appropriations
Chapter 6: State Budget and Appropriations [Repealed or Transferred.]
Chapter 8: Board of Claims
Chapter 9: Funding of State Debt
Chapter 10: Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes
Chapter 11: Cash Basis Law
Chapter 12: Revenue Bond Refinancing
Chapter 13: Loans to Local Subdivisions in Emergencies
Chapter 14: Local Economic Adjustment
Chapter 15: Trust Company of Tennessee
Chapter 16: Special County Census for Allocation of Funds
Chapter 17: Pooled Investment Act [Repealed]
Chapter 18: Financial Integrity Act
Chapter 19: Registration of Public Obligations
Chapter 20: Allocation Plan for Private Activity Bonds
Chapter 21: Local Government Public Obligations Law
Chapter 22: Perfection, Priority and Enforcement of Public Pledges and Liens