Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 10: Public Libraries, Archives and Records

Chapter 7: Public Records

Part 5: Miscellaneous Provisions

10-07-0501: Reproduction of state records on film.
10-07-0502: Photographic copy deemed original record.
10-07-0503: Records open to public inspection -- Schedule of reasonable charges -- Costs.
10-07-0504: Confidential records -- Exceptions.
10-07-0505: Denial of access -- Procedures for obtaining access -- Court orders -- Injunctions -- Appeals -- Liability for nondisclosure.
10-07-0506: Public records having commercial value.
10-07-0507: Records of convictions of traffic and other violations -- Availability.
10-07-0508: Access to records -- Records of archival value -- Retention or disposal of records.
10-07-0509: Disposition of records.
10-07-0510: Transfer of documents from criminal cases to not-for-profit depositories.
10-07-0511: Preservation of records of permanent value.
10-07-0512: Electronic mail communications systems -- Monitoring of electronic mail communications -- Policy required.
10-07-0513: Request for removal of military discharge or redaction of social security number from military discharge.
10-07-0514: Subscription service required to view military discharge record over Internet.
10-07-0515: Social security identification numbers on documents -- Redaction.
10-07-0516: Information relating to security systems.