Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 11: Natural Areas and Recreation

Chapter 1: Department of Environment and Conservation
Chapter 2: Conservation Commission
Chapter 3: State Parks
Chapter 4: State Forests
Chapter 5: Geology
Chapter 6: Archaeology
Chapter 7: Tennessee Heritage Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2005
Chapter 9: Recreational Development
Chapter 10: Lease of Recreational Lands to State--Liability of Lessor
Chapter 11: Tennessee Trails System
Chapter 12: Hiking-Bicycle and Jogging Trails
Chapter 13: Scenic Rivers
Chapter 14: Natural Areas Preservation
Chapter 15: Protective Easements
Chapter 18: National Forests, Parks and Development Projects
Chapter 19: National Park and Forest Commissions
Chapter 21: County Conservation Boards
Chapter 22: County Fishing Lakes and Recreation Grounds
Chapter 23: Acquisition of Lands by Political Subdivisions for Forestry Purposes
Chapter 24: Municipal Recreational Systems
Chapter 25: Doe Mountain Recreation Authority Act of 2012
Chapter 26: Species Protection [TRANSFERRED]