Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 13: Public Planning and Housing

Chapter 1: State Planning Office [Repealed]
Chapter 2: Interstate and Federal Agreements
Chapter 3: Regional Planning
Chapter 4: Municipal Planning
Chapter 5: Older Neighborhood Preservation
Chapter 6: Neighborhood Preservation
Chapter 7: Zoning
Chapter 8: Security Gates and Barriers
Chapter 10: Mass Transit
Chapter 11: Uniform Relocation Assistance
Chapter 13: Neighborhood Development
Chapter 14: Development Programs
Chapter 15: New Community Development [Repealed]
Chapter 18: Major Energy Projects
Chapter 19: Energy Conservation Code
Chapter 20: Housing Authorities
Chapter 21: Slum Clearance and Redevelopment
Chapter 22: Housing Rehabilitation
Chapter 23: Housing Development Agency
Chapter 24: Zoning Classifications
Chapter 26: Human Resource Agencies
Chapter 27: Export Development and International Trade [Repealed]
Chapter 28: Enterprise Zones
Chapter 29: Minority Business Councils