Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 17: Judges and Chancellors

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Part 1: Qualifications and Selection

TCA 17-1-105: Practice of law prohibited.

No judge or chancellor shall practice law, or perform any of the functions of attorney or counsel, in any of the courts of this state, except in cases in which the judge or chancellor may have been employed as counsel previous to the judge's or chancellor's election. A newly elected or appointed judge or chancellor can practice law only in an effort to wind up the judge or chancellor's practice, ceasing to practice as soon as reasonably possible and in no event longer than one hundred eighty (180) days after assuming office.

History: Code 1858, § 3912 (deriv. Acts 1851-1852, ch. 331, § 1); Shan., § 5705; Code 1932, § 9891; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 17-105; Acts 2012, ch. 789, § 3.