Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 17: Judges and Chancellors

Chapter 2: Special Judges and Interchange

Part 1: Special Judges

TCA 17-2-112: Transfers from chancery to circuit court because of incompetency.

When any chancellor is incompetent to try any cause in the court for which the chancellor is responsible, a circuit judge may hear and determine the cause as chancellor, for which purpose the clerk of the chancery court shall bring before the chancellor all the papers in the cause, and the necessary entries shall be made on the minutes of the chancery court, and signed by the circuit judge presiding.

History: Code 1858, § 3922 (deriv. Acts 1843-1844, ch. 126, § 1); Shan., § 5718; Code 1932, § 9904; T.C.A. (orig. ed), § 17-218; Acts 2012, ch. 789, § 4.