Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 17: Judges and Chancellors

Chapter 2: Special Judges and Interchange

Part 2: Interchange

TCA 17-2-202: Duty to interchange.

(a) Each state trial court judge has an affirmative duty to interchange if:

(1) A judge has died or is unable to hold court;

(2) Two (2) or more judges have agreed to a mutually convenient interchange; or

(3) [Deleted by 2012 amendment.]

(4) The chief justice of the supreme court has assigned by order a judge to another court pursuant to Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 11.

(b) A failure to comply with an interchange order of the supreme court is a judicial offense under SC 17-5-302(2). The chief justice shall report such failure to comply immediately to the presiding judge of the board of judicial conduct. The clerk of the supreme court shall maintain such reports for public inspection.

History: Acts 1859-1860, ch. 105, SC 3; Shan., SC 5713; mod. Code 1932, SC 9899; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), SC 17-208; Acts 1997, ch. 430, SC 1; 2012, ch. 789, SC 5; 2012, ch. 819, SC 4.