Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 17: Judges and Chancellors

Chapter 4: Judicial Nomination and Performance Evaluation

Part 1: Judicial Nomination

TCA 17-4-113: Appointments by governor if commission does not furnish list of nominees -- Expiration of terms.

(a)  If the judicial nominating commission does not furnish a list of three (3) nominees to the governor within sixty (60) days after receipt of written notice from the governor that a vacancy has occurred, then the governor may fill the vacancy by appointing any person who is duly licensed to practice in this state and who is fully qualified under the constitution and statutes of this state to fill the office.

(b)  The term of a judge appointed under this section shall expire on August 31 after the next regular August election occurring more than thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs.

History: [Acts 2009, ch. 517, § 1.]