Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 20: Civil Procedure

Chapter 1: Parties to Actions

20-01-0101: [Repealed.]
20-01-0102: Indemnification of nominal plaintiff.
20-01-0103: Action on bond.
20-01-0104: Deserted wife as party.
20-01-0105: Expenses and loss of service incident to injury to child.
20-01-0106: [Repealed.]
20-01-0107: Several liability on joint obligations.
20-01-0108: Joinder of defendants on joint and several obligations.
20-01-0109: Action in name used in instrument.
20-01-0110: Failure of recovery against joint defendants.
20-01-0111: Maintaining action after executor or administrator removes from jurisdiction.
20-01-0112: Defenses of executors sued separately.
20-01-0113: Separate judgments against executors.
20-01-0114: Addition of parties.
20-01-0115: Intervention in property action.
20-01-0116: Substitution of defendant in property action.
20-01-0117: Substitution for levying officer.
20-01-0118: Default judgment against levying officer.
20-01-0119: Comparative fault -- Joinder of third party defendants.