Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 20: Civil Procedure

Chapter 9: Trial

Part 6: Tennessee Court Reporter Act of 2009

20-09-0601: Short title -- Legislative findings and declarations.
20-09-0602: Part definitions.
20-09-0603: Licensure requirement -- Court reporter not required at all proceedings -- Exceptions.
20-09-0604: Creation of Tennessee board of court reporting.
20-09-0605: Duties and responsibilities of the board.
20-09-0606: Complaints -- Remedies.
20-09-0607: Rules and regulations.
20-09-0608: Fines for practicing court reporting without a license.
20-09-0609: Qualification for licensure -- Use of court reporters license number not authorized unless transcript produced by licensee or under licensees supervision -- Licensee suspension of revocation for violation.
20-09-0610: Reciprocal agreements with other entities -- Application for nonresident licenses -- Fees for nonresident application.
20-09-0611: Fees for licensure.
20-09-0612: License renewal -- Continuing education -- Notification of change of address.
20-09-0613: Applications for grandfathering licensure to practice as court reporter -- Automatic granting of licensure.
20-09-0614: Temporary license upon proof of graduation from court reporting program.
20-09-0615: Inactive status.
20-09-0616: Disposition and disbursement of moneys collected -- Budget -- Contracting for services.