Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 20: Civil Procedure

Chapter 9: Trial

Part 6: Tennessee Court Reporter Act of 2009

TCA 20-9-612: License renewal -- Continuing education -- Notification of change of address.

(a)  Each person licensed pursuant to this part shall apply for renewal of the license pursuant to dates established by the board. A renewal fee in an amount determined by the board shall be paid for renewal of the license for a two-year period.

(b)  The board shall require specific continuing education as a condition for license renewal. In order to maintain licensure, all licensed court reporters and holders of a nonresident certificate will be required to obtain a minimum of two (2.0) continuing education credits over a two- year period in courses approved by the board or in compliance with the continuing education requirements of approved national or state associations. The two-year period will begin on July 1 of the year during which the reporter is initially licensed. No credits may be carried over to the following two-year term.

(c)  The board may provide for the late renewal of a license that has lapsed and may require the payment of a late fee or an examination, or both, prior to issuing a renewal license.

(d)  Licensees shall notify the board in writing of any change of address within thirty (30) days of the change.

History: [Acts 2009, ch. 450, § 1.]