Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 24: Evidence and Witnesses

Chapter 7: Admissibility of Evidence

24-07-0101: [Repealed.]
24-07-0106: Receipts and releases.
24-07-0107: Settlements of debts.
24-07-0108: [Repealed.]
24-07-0112: Tests to determine parentage -- Admissibility in evidence -- Costs.
24-07-0113: Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity.
24-07-0114: Testimony before committee of general assembly inadmissible.
24-07-0115: Opinions as to medical findings.
24-07-0116: Telephone company records.
24-07-0117: Audio-visually recorded testimony in child sexual abuse proceedings.
24-07-0118: DNA analysis -- Admissibility in evidence.
24-07-0119: Introduction of reproduction in place of original.
24-07-0120: Child's testimony--Closed circuit television.
24-07-0121: Child support payment records.
24-07-0122: Medical records.
24-07-0123: Admission of video recording of interview of child describing sexual conduct.
24-07-0124: Results of radar, laser or similar devices used to measure the speed of a motor vehicle --- Results of a breathalyzer or similar device to measure blood alcohol content.
24-07-0125: Admissibility of evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts -- Conditions for admission.