Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 26: Execution

Chapter 2: ExemptionsGarnishment

Part 3: Homestead Exemptions

26-02-0301: Basic exemption.
26-02-0302: Life estates and equitable estates.
26-02-0303: Leasehold estates.
26-02-0304: Insurance proceeds from homestead.
26-02-0305: Family cemeteries and burial lots.
26-02-0306: Exemption inapplicable in certain cases.
26-02-0307: Right of selection.
26-02-0308: Procedure to set apart.
26-02-0309: Sale and reinvestment of exempt proceeds.
26-02-0310: Registration of freeholder's certificate.
26-02-0311: Setting apart for deserted family.
26-02-0312: Property purchased with or maintained by fraudulently obtained funds ineligible for homestead exemption.