Tennessee Code Annotated

28-01-0101: "Action" defined.
28-01-0102: Commencement at time of right to make demand.
28-01-0103: Accrual of agent's liability to principal.
28-01-0104: Accrual of principal's liability to surety or endorser.
28-01-0105: New action after adverse decision -- Contractual limitations periods.
28-01-0106: Accrual of right.
28-01-0107: Cases in which disability not an excuse.
28-01-0108: Disability at time of accrual -- Two or more disabilities.
28-01-0109: Suspension during injunction.
28-01-0110: Suspension pending administration of estate.
28-01-0111: Suspension during absence from state.
28-01-0112: Application of foreign statutes.
28-01-0113: Actions by state.
28-01-0114: Counterclaim or third party complaint.
28-01-0115: Dismissed federal court actions.
28-01-0116: Extension during disaster.