Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 29: Remedies and Special Proceedings

Chapter 1: General Provisions--Extraordinary Process
Chapter 2: Statute of Frauds
Chapter 3: Abatement of Nuisances
Chapter 4: Agreed Cases
Chapter 5: Arbitration
Chapter 6: Attachment and Replevy
Chapter 7: Attachment by Garnishment
Chapter 8: Change of Name--Correction of Errors in Birth Certificates
Chapter 9: Contempt of Court
Chapter 10: Patent Infringement Actions
Chapter 10: Contract Actions Against the State [Repealed.]
Chapter 10: Patent Infringement Actions
Chapter 11: Contribution Among Tort-feasors
Chapter 12: Creditors' Bills
Chapter 13: Criminal Injuries Compensation
Chapter 14: Declaratory Judgments
Chapter 15: Ejectment
Chapter 16: Eminent Domain
Chapter 17: Eminent Domain by Public Agencies
Chapter 18: Forcible Entry and Detainer
Chapter 19: Gambling Contracts
Chapter 20: Governmental Tort Liability
Chapter 21: Habeas Corpus
Chapter 22: Hospitals' Liens
Chapter 23: Injunctions
Chapter 24: Libel and Slander
Chapter 25: Mandamus
Chapter 26: Medical Malpractice
Chapter 27: Partition
Chapter 28: Products Liability Actions
Chapter 29: Quieting Title
Chapter 30: Recovery of Personal Property
Chapter 31: Removal of Disability of Minors
Chapter 32: Scire Facias
Chapter 33: Sureties on Bonds--Actions to Protect Interest
Chapter 34: Torts
Chapter 35: Usurpation or Forfeiture of Office or Franchise--Corporate Misdeeds
Chapter 36: Waste And Trespass
Chapter 37: Equal Access to Justice
Chapter 38: Drug Dealer Liability Act
Chapter 39: Compensation for Economic and Noneconomic Damages