Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 29: Remedies and Special Proceedings

Chapter 26: Medical Malpractice

Part 1: General Provisions

TCA 29-26-120: Attorneys' fees.

Compensation for reasonable attorneys' fees in the event an employment contract exists between the claimant and claimant's attorney on a contingent fee arrangement shall be awarded to the claimant's attorney in a health care liability action in an amount to be determined by the court on the basis of time and effort devoted to the litigation by the claimant's attorney, complexity of the claim and other pertinent matters in connection therewith, not to exceed thirty-three and one third percent (331/3%) of all damages awarded to the claimant.

History: Acts 1975, ch. 299, § 19; 1976, ch. 759, § 19; T.C.A., § 23-3419; Acts 2012, ch. 798, § 12.