Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 29: Remedies and Special Proceedings

Chapter 26: Medical Malpractice

Part 2: Therapist Sexual Misconduct Victims Compensation

TCA 29-26-202: Intent.

It is the intention of the general assembly to provide victims of sexual misconduct by a therapist with a legal remedy, including significant compensatory damages and a more reasonable statute of limitations. It is intended to prevent sexual misconduct by a therapist by imposing significant liability upon any therapist who engages in this type of misconduct. This is necessary due to the inadequacy of the current system of health care liability where the statute of limitations fails to address the specific problems associated with sexual misconduct by a therapist. This part also clarifies the legal landscape and attempts to prevent most instances of sexual misconduct by making employers liable if they refuse to take simple and reasonable steps to avoid endangering their patients.

History: Acts 1995, ch. 463, § 2; 2012, ch. 798, § 15.