Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 29: Remedies and Special Proceedings

Chapter 34: Torts

Part 2: Tort Liability

29-34-0201: Injuries suffered in committing or attempting to commit felony on property of another -- Recovery barred -- Scope of immunity for one injuring a perpetrator of a criminal offense.
29-34-0202: Immunity for natural gas providers -- Exceptions -- Product liability claims.
29-34-0203: Immunity for first responders in responding to emergency calls.
29-34-0204: Charitable fundraisers -- Immunity from suit.
29-34-0205: Commonsense consumption.
29-34-0206: Liability for providing firefighting equipment to volunteer departments.
29-34-0207: Liability for liquefied petroleum gas.
29-34-0208: Liability of possessor of real property for harm to trespasser.
29-34-0209: Immunity for forcible entry of a motor vehicle to remove minor or animal.
29-34-0210: Protection of Volunteer-Insured Drivers of the Elderly (PROVIDE) Act.