Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 33: Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Chapter 5: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Part 3: Residential Admission

TCA 33-5-302: Periodic evaluation of admitted person -- Discharge.

The chief officer or director of a center or the appointed designee:

(1) Shall cause each person admitted under § 33-5-301 or transferred under § 33-3-301 or chapter 3, part 4 of this title to be evaluated as often as necessary, but not less often than every six (6) months;

(2) Shall discharge a person admitted under § 33-5-301 when the chief officer, director or designee and the statewide admission review committee determine that the person no longer meets the standards under which the person was admitted; or

(3) May discharge a person admitted under § 33-5-301 at any time when it is in the person's best interest.

History: Acts 2000, ch. 947, § 1; 2012, ch. 636, § 6.