Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 33: Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Chapter 7: Security Units and Forensic Services

Part 3: Forensic Services

TCA 33-7-304: Cost of evaluation and treatment -- Court-ordered inpatient evaluation to be completed within thirty days of admission.

(a) The cost of evaluation and treatment under this part, if the defendant is charged with a misdemeanor, will be a charge upon the funds of the county. If the court finds the defendant financially able to pay all or part of the costs and expenses for the evaluation and treatment, the court may order the defendant to pay all or part of the costs and expenses. Payment shall be made to the clerk of the general sessions court for remittance to the person, agency or facility to whom compensation is due, or if the costs and expenses have been paid by the county, to the appropriate office of the county.

(b) Costs of the care or treatment of any defendant ordered by the court and who is charged with a misdemeanor shall be paid by the state only when specifically authorized by law.

(c) Where a court orders a defendant charged with a misdemeanor to be evaluated under § 33-7-301(a), the court shall order that any inpatient evaluation be completed within thirty (30) days of admission to the facility.

History: Acts 2009, ch. 531, § 45; 2012, ch. 997, § 1.