Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 35: Fiduciaries and Trust Estates

Chapter 1: Appointment and Removal of Trustees
Chapter 2: Uniform Fiduciaries Act
Chapter 3: Investment of Trust Funds
Chapter 4: Uniform Common Trust Funds Act
Chapter 5: Judicial or Trust Sales
Chapter 6: Uniform Principal and Income Act
Chapter 7: Tennessee Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Chapter 8: Uniform Act for Simplification of Fiduciary Security Transfers [Repealed.]
Chapter 9: Administration of Private Foundations, Charitable Trusts or Split-Interest Trusts
Chapter 10: Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act
Chapter 11: Fundraising for Catastrophic Illnesses
Chapter 12: Uniform Transfer on Death Security Registration
Chapter 13: Charitable Beneficiaries
Chapter 14: Uniform Prudent Investor Act
Chapter 15: Tennessee Uniform Trust Code
Chapter 16: Tennessee Investment Services Act of 2007
Chapter 17: Tennessee Community Property Trust Act of 2010
Chapter 50: Miscellaneous Provisions