Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 35: Fiduciaries and Trust Estates

Chapter 5: Judicial or Trust Sales

35-05-0101: Twenty days' notice by publication.
35-05-0102: Notice in newspaper not required.
35-05-0103: Posting written notices.
35-05-0104: Contents of advertisement or notice -- Contents of deed memorializing sale.
35-05-0105: Notice in writing if printer refuses.
35-05-0106: Sale without advertisement is not void.
35-05-0107: Effect of noncompliance with chapter.
35-05-0108: Plan of division of land -- Sale of portion of land.
35-05-0109: Time of sale.
35-05-0110: Bidding on land sales may be reopened by clerks -- Chancellor's power not abridged.
35-05-0111: State may bid at execution or judicial sales.
35-05-0112: Auctioneer services and fee.
35-05-0113: Auction sales in divorce proceedings.
35-05-0114: Trustee's attendance at foreclosure -- Successor trustee.
35-05-0115: Discovery proceedings for non-residents.
35-05-0116: Trustee as necessary party.
35-05-0117: [Repealed.]
35-05-0118: Deficiency judgment sufficient to fully satisfy indebtedness on real property after trustee's or foreclosure sale.
35-05-0119: Applicability of SCSC 35-5-101(e), 35-5-104(a)(4) and (5), and 35-5-104(b).