Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 36: Domestic Relations

Chapter 2: Paternity

Part 3: Paternity and Legitimation

TCA 36-2-309: Tests to determine parentage.

(a)  Tests for parentage in actions arising pursuant to this part or in any actions to determine parentage shall be conducted pursuant to § 24-7-112.

(b)  The state of Tennessee, its officers, employees, agents or contractors shall not be liable to any person for, nor be ordered to refund to any person, any moneys received pursuant to an order entered pursuant to this part that is subsequently set aside by the court due to a finding of non-paternity of the person previously adjudicated as the child's father. Nothing in this subsection (b) shall preclude the issuance of a judgment against the mother or actual biological father of the child or children in favor of the person subsequently found not to be the father of a child or children.

History: [Acts 1997, ch. 477, § 1; 1998, ch. 1098, § 10.]