Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 36: Domestic Relations

Chapter 6: Child Custody and Visitation

Part 4: Parenting Plans

36-06-0401: Findings.
36-06-0402: Part definitions.
36-06-0403: Requirement of and procedure for determining temporary parenting plan.
36-06-0404: Requirement of and procedure for determining permanent parenting plan.
36-06-0405: Modifying permanent parenting plans.
36-06-0406: Restrictions in temporary or permanent parenting plans.
36-06-0407: Allocation of parenting responsibilities.
36-06-0408: Parent educational seminar.
36-06-0409: Procedures and restrictions applicable to dispute resolution.
36-06-0410: Designation of custody for the purpose of other state and federal statutes.
36-06-0411: Juvenile court jurisdiction.
36-06-0412: Gender.
36-06-0413: Funding.
36-06-0414: Evaluation.