Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 37: Juveniles

Chapter 3: Administration of Children and Youth Services

Part 1: Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth Act of 1988

TCA 37-3-104: Executive director.

The commission shall be administered by an executive director who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the members of the commission. The executive director shall be a full-time employee of the commission and shall be responsible for the administration of commission policies, rules, and guidelines and the proper management and operation of the commission's programs and activities. The executive director shall be an individual who is professionally trained in one (1) or more fields involving services to children and youth, who has a working knowledge of programs for children and youth, and who has previous employment experience in managing and delivering services to children and youth.

History: Acts 1988, ch. 979, § 2; 2012, ch. 986, § 17; 2015, ch. 422, § 2.