Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 37: Juveniles

Chapter 5: Department of Children's Services

Part 3: Community Services Agency Act of 1996

TCA 37-5-314: State employees.

Employees of the community services agencies shall be considered "state employees" for purposes of SC 9-8-307. Designated volunteers providing services under this part shall also be considered "state employees" for purposes of SC 9-8-307; provided, that designated volunteers who are medical professionals providing direct health care pursuant to this part shall be considered "state employees" solely for the category of "professional liability" pursuant to SC 9-8-307.

History: Acts 1989, ch. 567, SC 15; 1993, ch. 530, SC 2; T.C.A., SC 68-2-1115; Acts 1996, ch. 1079, SC 149; 2012, ch. 798, SC 16.