Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 38: Prevention and Detection of Crime

Chapter 8: Employment and Training of Police Officers

Part 2: Jerry F. Agee Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

TCA 38-8-203: Control -- Personnel -- Fees.

(a) The police and law enforcement programs offered through the academy shall be under the jurisdiction of such agency or agencies of the state of Tennessee as the governor shall designate by executive order. The commissioner of the agency appointed pursuant to executive order shall hire the director of the academy. The director, subject to approval of the appropriate state officials, is authorized to employ any personnel that may be reasonably required.

(b) The academy may charge reasonable fees to cover costs of any food, lodging, instructional materials, equipment or services furnished trainees as may be established by the appropriate state officials.

History: Acts 1963, ch. 173, § 3; impl. am. Acts 1979, ch. 93, § 1; T.C.A., § 38-803; Acts 2012, ch. 986, § 6.