Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 39: Criminal Offenses

Chapter 13: Offenses Against Person

Part 5: Sexual Offenses

39-13-0501: Definitions.
39-13-0502: Aggravated rape.
39-13-0503: Rape.
39-13-0504: Aggravated sexual battery.
39-13-0505: Sexual battery.
39-13-0506: Statutory rape.
39-13-0507: [Repealed.]
39-13-0508: Abolition of common law offenses of seduction and criminal conversation.
39-13-0509: Sexual contact with a minor -- Sexual contact by an authority figure.
39-13-0510: [Unconstitutional.]
39-13-0511: Indecent exposure.
39-13-0512: Prostitution -- Definitions.
39-13-0513: Prostitution -- Defenses.
39-13-0514: Patronizing prostitution - Unacceptable defenses.
39-13-0515: Promoting prostitution - Unacceptable defenses.
39-13-0516: Aggravated prostitution.
39-13-0517: Public indecency
39-13-0518: Continuous sexual abuse of a child -- Felony offense -- Penalties -- Notice identifying multiple acts of sexual abuse of a child.
39-13-0519: Forensic medical examination of victims of sexually oriented crime -- Protocol for collection and processing of sexual assault evidence kits and hold kits.
39-13-0520: Creation of model policy for handling, maintenance and testing of sexual assault evidence kits and hold kits.
39-13-0521: HIV testing of persons convicted of sexual offenses -- Release of test results.
39-13-0522: Rape of a child.
39-13-0523: Punishment for certain child sexual predators.
39-13-0524: Sentence of community supervision for life.
39-13-0525: Release from community supervision.
39-13-0526: Violations of community supervision -- Venue for violations.
39-13-0527: Sexual battery by an authority figure.
39-13-0528: Offense of solicitation of a minor.
39-13-0529: Offense of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor -- Exploitation of a minor by electronic means.
39-13-0530: Forfeiture of any conveyance or real or personal property used in a sexual offense committed against minors -- Child abuse fund.
39-13-0531: Aggravated rape of a child.
39-13-0532: Statutory rape by an authority figure.
39-13-0533: Offense of promoting travel for prostitution.