Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 39: Criminal Offenses

Chapter 14: Offenses Against Property

Part 1: Theft

39-14-0101: Consolidation of theft offenses.
39-14-0102: Part definitions.
39-14-0103: Theft of property.
39-14-0104: Theft of services.
39-14-0105: Grading of theft. [Effective until January 1, 2017. See version effective on January 1, 2017.]
39-14-0106: Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles -- Joyriding.
39-14-0107: Claim of right.
39-14-0108: Pawned or conveyed rental property.
39-14-0109: Stone or rock wall -- Warning sign.
39-14-0110: Unauthorized recording of theatrical motion pictures.
39-14-0111: Exploitation of adult unable to manage own resources -- Order to freeze or seize defendant's assets -- Civil action available.
39-14-0112: Extortion.
39-14-0113: [Reserved.]
39-14-0114: Forgery.
39-14-0115: Criminal simulation.
39-14-0116: Hindering secured creditors.
39-14-0117: Fraud in insolvency.
39-14-0118: Illegal possession or fraudulent use of credit or debit card.
39-14-0119: Reporting of credit or debit card lost, stolen or mislaid.
39-14-0120: Issuing false financial statement.
39-14-0121: Worthless checks.
39-14-0122: Immunity for false arrest or imprisonment.
39-14-0123: [Reserved.]
39-14-0127: Deceptive business practices.
39-14-0128: Creating false impression of death.
39-14-0129: [Repealed]
39-14-0130: Destruction of valuable papers with intent to defraud.
39-14-0131: Destruction or concealment of will.
39-14-0132: Misrepresentation of mileage on used motor vehicle odometer.
39-14-0133: False or fraudulent insurance claims.
39-14-0134: Alteration of item's permanent distinguishing numbers -- Sale or possession of such item.
39-14-0135: Manufacture, sale or possession of farm implement without serial number.
39-14-0136: Falsifying of educational and academic records.
39-14-0137: Fraudulent qualifying for programs for disadvantaged or minority businesses.
39-14-0138: Theft of trade secrets.
39-14-0139: Recorded device.
39-14-0140: Forfeiture.
39-14-0141: [Reserved.]
39-14-0142: [Repealed.]
39-14-0143: Unauthorized solicitation for police, judicial or safety association.
39-14-0144: Civil liability of adult, parent or guardian for theft of retail merchandise by minor.
39-14-0145: Civil liability of employees for theft of retail merchandise.
39-14-0146: Theft of property -- Conduct involving merchandise.
39-14-0147: Fraudulent transfer of motor vehicle -- Definitions -- Defenses -- Penalties -- Civil liability.
39-14-0148: False statement in obtaining surety bond -- Penalty.
39-14-0149: Communication theft -- Sale of illegal devices -- Penalties -- Mitigating factors -- Aggravating factors -- Multipurpose devices.
39-14-0150: Identity theft victims' rights.
39-14-0151: Suspension of driver license for gasoline theft.
39-14-0152: Use of a counterfeit mark or logo.
39-14-0153: False information or concealment of information in applying for or receiving dwelling accommodations in housing project.
39-14-0154: Actions by home improvement services provider that constitute offense.