Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 39: Criminal Offenses

Chapter 16: Offenses Against Administration of Government

Part 5: Interference with Government Operations

39-16-0501: Definitions for interference with government operations offenses.
39-16-0502: False reports.
39-16-0503: Tampering with or fabricating evidence.
39-16-0504: Destruction of and tampering with governmental records.
39-16-0505: [Reserved.]
39-16-0507: Coercion of witness.
39-16-0508: Coercion of juror.
39-16-0509: Improper influence of juror.
39-16-0510: Retaliation for past action.
39-16-0511: Compensation for past action.
39-16-0512: Receipt of compensation for past action.
39-16-0513: Defense.
39-16-0514: Dismissal of employee because of jury service.
39-16-0515: Pointing a laser at a law enforcement officer or emergency personnel.
39-16-0516: Traffic offense citation quotas -- Performance standards.