Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 39: Criminal Offenses

Chapter 17: Offenses Against Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Part 13: Weapons

39-17-1301: Part definitions.
39-17-1302: Prohibited weapons.
39-17-1303: Unlawful sale, loan or gift of firearm.
39-17-1304: Restrictions on firearm ammunition.
39-17-1305: [Repealed]
39-17-1306: Carrying weapons during judicial proceedings.
39-17-1307: Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.
39-17-1308: Defenses to unlawful possession or carrying of a weapon.
39-17-1309: Carrying weapons on school property.
39-17-1310: Affirmative defense to carrying weapons on school property.
39-17-1311: Carrying weapons on public parks, playgrounds, civic centers and other public recreational buildings and grounds.
39-17-1312: Inaction by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, including parents or guardians, knowing a minor or student illegally possesses a firearm.
39-17-1313: Transporting and storing a firearm or firearm ammunition in permit holder's privately owned motor vehicle.
39-17-1314: Local regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted by state regulation -- Actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturers, trade associations or dealers.
39-17-1315: Written directive and permit to carry handguns.
39-17-1316: Sales of dangerous weapons -- Certification of purchaser -- Exceptions -- Licensing of dealers -- Definitions.
39-17-1317: Confiscation and disposition of confiscated weapons.
39-17-1318: New serial numbers for confiscated firearms.
39-17-1319: Handgun possession prohibited -- Exceptions.
39-17-1320: Providing handguns to juveniles -- Penalties.
39-17-1321: Possession of handgun while under influence -- Penalty.
39-17-1322: Defenses.
39-17-1323: Commission of certain offenses while wearing a body vest.
39-17-1324: Offense of possessing a firearm during commission or attempt to commit dangerous felony.
39-17-1325: Immunity for failure to adopt policy that prohibits weapons on premises.
39-17-1350: Law enforcement officers permitted to carry firearms -- Exceptions -- Restrictions -- Identification card for corrections officers.
39-17-1351: Handgun carry permits. [Contingent expiration date. See Compiler's Notes. See version effective the earlier of January 1, 2017 or upon notice of program implementation and version effective on January 1, 2017.]
39-17-1352: Suspension or revocation of license.
39-17-1353: Review of revocation or suspension.
39-17-1354: Judicial review of department determination.
39-17-1355: Applicability of Uniform Administrative Procedures Act.
39-17-1356: Duplicate permits.
39-17-1357: Notice of address change.
39-17-1358: Retention of records -- Violations.
39-17-1359: Prohibition at certain meetings -- Posting notice.
39-17-1360: Rules and regulations.
39-17-1361: Chief law enforcement officer's certification for transfer or making of firearm.
39-17-1362: Imitation firearm -- Defined -- Offense to display in threatening manner in public place.
39-17-1363: Offense of owning, possessing, or having custody or control of a potentially vicious dog or a vicious dog.
39-17-1364: Purchase and shipment of antique firearms and certain edged weapons.