Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 40: Criminal Procedure

Chapter 11: Bail

Part 1: Admission to Bail

TCA 40-11-137: Duty of bail bondsman or surety upon surrendering defendant -- Hearing.

(a) Upon surrendering the defendant, the bail bondsman or surety shall, as soon as is reasonably practicable, go before any court having jurisdiction authorized to admit to bail, and notify the officer of the surrender.

(b) (1) Any court having jurisdiction so notified shall have the defendant brought before it as soon as practicable, and within seventy-two (72) hours, and determine whether or not the surrender was for good cause.

(2) (A) If the court having jurisdiction finds that the surrender was arbitrary or not for good cause, it may order the defendant rereleased upon the same undertaking or impose other conditions as provided by law.

(B) If the surrender is found to be for good cause, the court having jurisdiction shall approve the surrender by endorsement upon the bail bond or by other writing, and it shall be the duty of the surrendering bail bondsman to deliver the written approval or copy of the approval to the sheriff.

(3) This subsection (b) shall not apply where a surrender is based on a conditional or final judgment of forfeiture issued by the court having jurisdiction over the defendant.

(c) The court shall fix the amount of premium to be refunded, if any.

History: Acts 1978, ch. 506, § 29; T.C.A., § 40-1237; Acts 2012, ch. 685, § 1.