Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 40: Criminal Procedure

Chapter 18: Trial and Verdict

40-18-0101: Designation of state's day.
40-18-0102: Rules of practice.
40-18-0103: [Obsolete except for persons previously convicted of Class X felonies] Time for trial -- Continuance.
40-18-0104: Drawing of jurors' names.
40-18-0105: Challenge of juror acting as bail.
40-18-0106: Jurors sworn together.
40-18-0107: Boarding jurors.
40-18-0108: Discharge of jury.
40-18-0109: Retrial after discharge of jury.
40-18-0110: Charge as to lesser included offenses -- Written request.
40-18-0111: General verdict of guilty.
40-18-0112: Uncertainty as to intent or means of offense.
40-18-0113: Multiple defendants.
40-18-0114: Assessment of fine by jury.
40-18-0115: Women jurors in felony cases.
40-18-0116: Sequestration of jurors.
40-18-0117: Instructions concerning insanity.
40-18-0118: Peremptory challenges.
40-18-0119: Presumption that original trial judge has served as thirteenth juror and approved unanimous verdict.