Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 40: Criminal Procedure

Chapter 35: Tennessee Criminal Sentencing Reform Act of 1989

Part 3: Sentences

40-35-0301: Fixing of fine by court or jury.
40-35-0302: Misdemeanor sentencing -- Rehabilitative program credits -- Probation -- Supervision of defendants on probation.
40-35-0303: Probation -- Eligibility -- Terms.
40-35-0304: Restitution as condition for probation -- Petition to modify -- Civil judgment for non-payment -- Procedure.
40-35-0305: Appearance bond.
40-35-0306: Split confinement -- Probation following partial service of sentence.
40-35-0307: Probation coupled with periodic confinement.
40-35-0308: Modification, removal or release from conditions of probation.
40-35-0309: Probation authorized outside jurisdiction of court -- Transfer or retention of jurisdiction.
40-35-0310: Revocation of suspension of sentence -- Resentence to community-based alternative to incarceration.
40-35-0311: Procedure to revoke suspension of sentence or probation.
40-35-0312: Costs of revocation proceeding.
40-35-0313: Probation -- Conditions -- Discharge and dismissal -- Expunction from official records.
40-35-0314: Confinement in local jail or workhouse -- Eligibility -- Jurisdiction of sentencing court -- Transfer for violation of jail rules.
40-35-0315: Jurisdiction of sentencing court to order work release.
40-35-0316: Jurisdiction of sentencing court to grant furloughs.
40-35-0317: Institutional disciplinary rules -- Punishment for violations.
40-35-0318: Institutional rehabilitation programs -- Eligibility.
40-35-0319: Place of confinement if not otherwise provided for -- Finality of judgment.
40-35-0320: Restitution to the state.
40-35-0321: Collection of biological specimens for DNA analysis -- Persons convicted of certain offenses -- Condition of release from imprisonment.