Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 43: Agriculture and Horticulture

Chapter 1: Department of Agriculture
Chapter 2: State Board of Agriculture [Repealed.]
Chapter 3: State Veterinarian [Transferred.]
Chapter 4: State Chemical Laboratory [Transferred.]
Chapter 5: Tennessee Agricultural Museum [Transferred.]
Chapter 6: Pest Control
Chapter 7: Pest Control Compact [Transferred.]
Chapter 8: Pesticides
Chapter 9: Commercial Aerial Application of Pesticides [Transferred.]
Chapter 10: Agricultural Seeds
Chapter 11: Fertilizers and Liming Materials
Chapter 12: Liming Materials [Transferred.]
Chapter 13: Anhydrous Ammonia [Transferred.]
Chapter 14: Soil Conservation
Chapter 15: Contracts to Raise and Sell Farm Products
Chapter 16: Cooperative Marketing Associations
Chapter 17: Marketing of Pecans
Chapter 18: Sale of Cotton
Chapter 19: Tobacco Sales
Chapter 20: Soybean Promotion
Chapter 21: Fairs
Chapter 22: Farm Bureau
Chapter 23: Public Mills [Repealed.]
Chapter 24: Community Gardening
Chapter 25: Registration of Farm Names
Chapter 26: Right to Farm
Chapter 27: Grain Warehouse and Storage Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 28: Timber
Chapter 29: Agriculture Commodities Promotion
Chapter 30: Viticulture
Chapter 31: Agricultural Production Inputs
Chapter 32: Commodity Warehouses, Dealers and Producers
Chapter 33: Aquaculture
Chapter 34: Agricultural District and Farmland Preservation Act
Chapter 35: Southern Dairy Compact
Chapter 36: Tennessee Tobacco Farmers Certifying Board
Chapter 37: Biobased Products for Farmers and Rural Development
Chapter 38: Tennessee Processing Cooperative Law
Chapter 39: Agritourism
Chapter 40: Forest Product Fairness Act